London Marathon 2017

CONGRATULATIONS Colleen on completing the marathon and raising over £3,000!


We are delighted to have Colleen Farrington running the London Marathon 2017 in aid of The Connections Bus Project. Colleen discovered our charity through investigating possible charities for her employers to support and has kindly offered to run.


Please help us and support Colleen through her online giving page:


Here’s what she has to say:

From a very young age, running the London Marathon was always something that I dreamed of doing but never in a million years would I ever have thought I would have the opportunity to do it, and here I am with a secure spot and will be running it in April 2017. A lot of people would say I am crazy but I am so excited to run the course and to raise money for a good cause. The charity that I will be running for is the Connections Bus Project.

This charity is so close to home for me as when I was growing up I lived in a village on the outskirts of Cambridge and we had no facilities like this which drew me to boredom and eventually getting into things that I shouldn’t have. Fortunately for me I grew out of this and have bettered my life and gone on to bigger and better things including working for Rathbones. In some cases there are situations where children take the wrong road and can’t get out of it which can then lead them to other troubles. Being a mum of two myself, I know the importance of children’s needs and even when there is a stable background, some children do just need someone else to reach out to and The Connections Bus have this. Children are our future and we therefore need to look out for their welfare and safety and give them the best start in life including out of school educated hours.

With your help I would like to raise as much as possible for this charity to enable them to set up the bus project in further villages that need this facility and give the youth bus more/different resources for the children and even more youth workers on board the bus.

Many thanks and wish me luck, I’m going to need it!

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