COVID-19 Response – 07 July 2021

We continue to be restricted in the services that we are able to offer, and are reviewing what we may be able to provide. However with the announcement of the governments steps we believe we will be able to offer the following at each step:

  • STEP 1: Online babysitting courses, detached youth work (not promoted)
  • STEP 2: As above plus use of youth van* in detached setting (allowing promotion to young people), First Aid Courses for babysitting students.
  • STEP 3:(now) As above plus review of building based youth work in larger venues (bubble sizes to be announced)
  • STEP 4: As above plus review of all building based youth work and review of youth bus use (dependent on social distancing requirements)

Note *: this refers to a new venture with a custom fitted van containing basic outdoor activity equipment, gazebo and facilities for making hot drinks, that could be parked at a recreation ground with youth workers present; allowing young people to gather safely under supervision

Our senior staff are only working on a part-time basis until such time that we can recommence our building and bus based youth work. If you have any questions or need help and advice then please check out our “Helpful Links” page or contact us via email or facebook.