• allows us to talk to an adult about any concerns we have
  • good social environment
  • good place to meet our friends from our own and other schools
  • it allows us time away from hassle at home
  • gives us a sense of independence
  • prepares us for the future
  • it’s fun

“My son has Aspergers and this is the only club, either sport or social that we have ever managed to get him to go along to in all his 13 years and it has become a really important part of his week. He looks forward to going and meeting up with his friends and was devastated a couple of weeks ago when it was cancelled because of mice!” – Parent, Dec 2016

“the bus had given my son more confidence socially and he is benefiting from the social opportunities that the bus provided” – Parent, May 2014

“I’m a person who doesn’t always get on with some people, but here I got on with everybody.” – Young Person, April 2011

“My three children attend this brilliant youth bus…… We should be supporting it fully as it’s a great outlet for kids and keeps them off the streets and safe……that is surely a priority” – Parent, August 2010

“My children would be devastated if the bus were shutdown.” – Parent, August 2010

“My son attends this youth bus and has come on so much since attending.” – Parent, August 2010

“…my son visits this bus and it a great community asset with some fantastic volunteers working on it.” – Parent, August 2010

“The parish council fully supports this vital and much valued facility which offers a safe, supportive environment for our young people to meet.” – Village Parish Council, July 2010

“This unique mobile facility has proven to be a huge success in our village, providing modern facilities for 12-18 year olds to use and exciting activities for them to take part in, everyone in the village loves everything about it” – July 2010

“To date, no other organisation can compete in terms of quality, reliability, value for money and youth advising with the splendid service provided by the Bus Connections Project team.” – Village Parish Council Nov 2007

“The Connections Bus has undoubtedly helped to decrease incidents of youth crime (vandalism etc) in the village (statistics from the police show that) and the feed back we have received from the youth and their parents is that they enjoy the bus’ visits.” – Village Parish Council Sept 2004